Hypnotherapy Private Session
Hypnotherapy Private Session
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Hypnotherapy Private Session

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A private 3 hours one-on-one Hypnotherapy Session with Dipta Kusmahendra. Please choose your session date & time on the options provided.

Using a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis, Hypnotherapy is a highly integrative approach aimed to overcome various issues and resolve them at the roots. Hypnotherapy is suitable for clients aged 12 years and above, and will be conducted in-person at our private studio. Each session will be around 3 hours.

Common issues addressed includes fears and phobias, addiction, releasing past traumas(incl. sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, etc.), post-traumatic stress disorder, negative relationship patterns, depression, life blocks, unwanted beliefs and negative emotional patterns, self-esteem issues, etc.

Dipta Kusmahendra is a certified hypnotherapist from Quantum Hypnosis Indonesia with a client-centered hypnotherapy experience of 8 years under his belt. He is intuitive, passionate about people and sees hypnotherapy as the most effective tool for positively impacting our hugely powerful brains. He currently also frequents as a therapist at Rumah Remedi Indonesia.


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