We understand that shopping for crystals at times can be overwhelming you don’t know where to begin. Here we try our best to answer a few most frequently asked questions to make your experience more fun and enjoyable. If you still need help please don’t hesitate to send us a DM on instagram @canggucrystals or email us at canggucrystals@gmail.com.

Crystal-Related Questions

Finding a crystal that resonates with you is truly a personal experience for each person. Every crystal comes with its own energetic blueprint which will gravitate differently from person to person.

Go with your “gut feeling” and employ the “just pick” strategy. The crystals you need right now are the ones that attracts your eyes at first sight; you will feel a calling to them. When something catches your interest while scrolling through the website, read the crystal’s meaning. If it resonates with your current situation, usually you will connect effortlessly with this crystal.

You can also choose a crystal by your intentions or their meaning. Go to our main menu SHOP CRYSTALS, and you will find a drop down menu under By Intentions. We also provide a big crystal description library under CRYSTAL MEANINGS on the main menu.

Keep your crystals in a clean and dry space. Regularly dust them with a dry brush or wipe them clean with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints.

You can cleanse your crystals energentically in water (but please note that some crystals can be sensitive to water, e.g. Selenite, Pyrite, Celestite). You can also smudge them with by burning incense, palo santo or sage, and let the crystals bathe in smoke to purify them. Every month during full moon, leave your crystals out in the moonlight to cleanse and charge them with the moon energy.

P.S. It is up to your how you think you should interact with your crystals, but one thing to keep in mind is that you will always get what you put into it. If you are respectful and curious in developing a relationship with your crystals, you will reap the best of their property benefits.

Think of it like your nighttime skincare routine. You should cleanse first to wash away the negativity from the day, then you "charge" your skin overnight with serums, creams etc, to amplify your skin power and beauty.

You can clease your crystals as often as you need it. We like to at least cleanse the crystals in our inventory once a week, and we charge them every month during full moon. Other ways of charging crystals are with sunlight and soil.

Since there are so many types of crystals and minerals out there, we ourselves cannot hope to make this very long list of which crystals can or cannot go in water. But, the quickest way is to check their Mohs hardness of your crystal (google knows everything). Anything rated from 6-10 are generally safe in water, all quartz family pass the hardness test of 7 which makes them safe to infuse into drinking elixirs. This is why we only sell quartz water bottles.

Some exceptions like Pyrite and Hematite, even though some can pass hardness of 6.5 they are not safe in water due to their high iron content, which might make them rust or oxidized when in contact with water.

Yes, you can do a crystal consultation with our crystal expert via whatsapp +62-8111-33-7742


We always try our best to only work with suppliers with good track record in sourcing ethical stones, most of them are small family businesses that have direct connection to legal mines, own their own mines, and are not located in conflict areas.

You can definitely feel the difference in energy when crystals are not passed around through too many hands this way. “Are they ethically sourced?” is always a loaded question, we personally can’t track whether or not crystals are 100% ethical in their process to be delivered to us, but we trust good intentions and we always select our suppliers based on their reputation and good vibes.

Although wholesale is not our business model, we do offer wholesale prices for select clients and partners. There are a minimum quantity order for wholesale and not every product we have in our inventory is eligible for wholesale price. You can enquire via email at canggucrystals@gmail.com (with subject: "wholesale order") or contact Emily +628111337742 on Whatsapp.

We can make custom jewelry pieces with Sterling Silver and Solid Gold materials. We work with our sister company Pocket Songbird Jewelry to make custom jewelry pieces. DM us on instagram or email at canggucrystals@gmail.com, our jewelry team will get back to you to discuss your designs.

For crystal pieces we can do sourcing by request for Extra Large crystal pieces only (cargo over 10kg). A payment deposit will be required for sourcing custom pieces. Send us a message if this is something you're looking to do, our sourcing team will be in contact with you.


We fulfill all website orders from our office in South Jakarta, Indonesia.

We also offer in-store shopping in our two locations: our Bali store is located in Berawa Canggu, Bali, and our pop-up Jakarta store is located in Ashta District 8, South Jakarta. Please go to our Locations page to see our exact location on the map.

Yes, we ship worldwide. All international orders with a delivery address outside of Indonesia, will be shipped with either EMS International or FEDEX International Priority depending on country. Shipping rates are calculated during checkout.

EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL FLAT RATE IDR 275,000 (approx. US$18.35) for all international orders over IDR1,000,000

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