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Canggu Crystals

Holiday Gift Box

Holiday Gift Box

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Choose Your Bracelet

We’ve put together a selection of our favourites in this beautiful gift set. Spread some joy to your friends and loved ones with this year’s Holiday Gift Box.

In the box:

1 Crystal Bracelet (choose from options available)
1 Essential Oil Roller
1 Palo Santo Set
1 White Sage

Box size 15x15x5cm
Box value IDR 750,000


*You can also add a note in the gift box. Write your message in the order note box in your cart before checkout.

Bracelet options:

Rose Quartz - Love, Confidence, Compassion
Clear Quartz - Clarity, Manifestation, Illumination
Amethyst - Intuition, Relaxation, Spirituality
Rainbow Fluorite - Peace, Positivity, Focus
Carnelian - Creativity, Confidence, Passion
Agate - Balance, Stability, Grounding
Tiger Eye - Power, Courage, Understanding
Obsidian - Protection, Cleansing, Self-Reflection

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